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360 Questionnaire Design & Feedback

About 360 Feedback process

This is a performance appraisal tool that pools feedback on an individual from a number of sources. It can either be a central element of a performance management system or a bespoke questionnaire based exercise for one or more staff members. At Corinium, we have experience in designing questionnaires, producing individual or organisation level reports using our unique 360 assessment system and providing one to one feedback.

Benefits of the 360 Feedback process

  • Gives participants a clear idea of the behaviours or competencies expected by the organisation.
  • Gives a more accurate picture of the individual as anonymity and confidentiality are assured; therefore people are more comfortable giving honest feedback.
  • Repeating the exercise after development actions have taken place can help gauge changes to performance and meet Kirkpatrick training evaluation level 3 requirements.

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