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About Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre comprises a series of tests, questionnaires and exercises designed to give individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in a number of key areas, and is used for recruitment purposes. The activities selected are based on the type of vacancy and the competencies required. An Assessment Centre would typically include:
  • Ability or aptitude tests
  • Group exercises
  • Individual exercises (such as case studies or in-tray simulations)
  • Role plays
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Personality questionnaires

Why Use An Assessment Centre?

  • The most accurate and reliable method for ensuring suitability for a role and measuring potential.
  • The quality of information gained about the individual exceeds that of other recruitment methods.
  • A fair and objective approach. The Centre is designed to give all participants, no matter what their background or previous experience, the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

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