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About Behavioural Skills Training

Behavioural skills training is an excellent method of teaching new skills and techniques. Our workshops provide a realistic environment in which to practice, perfect and gain confidence in skills, techniques and tools prior to returning to the workplace.

Delivered in-house, our workshops are tailor-made to meet the needs and objectives of the organisation together with those of the individual participants.  We take into account the organisations’ competency frameworks, values, policies or models during the design process to ensure we target the specific behaviours required.

Here is a sample of the skills we have been training people in recently:

Coaching Skills

The most vital management skill:

Through role-play and practice, we examine a number of coaching models and participants leave with a range of strategies to help others find their own solutions.

Stress and Mental Toughness

Recognising and managing stress:

We examine what stress is, typical stressors and tools for managing stress. We can also introduce the concept of mental toughness and its relationship with stress management. Using a psychometric instrument to examine levels of mental toughness participants gain greater self awareness regarding their personal resilience levels.

Time Management

There’s always more to do than time available to do it:

We reflect on processes for effective time management and provide the skills and techniques required to increase efficiency and sensitively challenge unrealistic deadlines and conflicting priorities.

Interview Skills

Recruitment is expensive. It must result in the right choice:

We cover all aspects of the recruitment process – from deciding on your criteria to making the decision. Participants practice the required skills and receive an update on legislation that impacts recruitment. This training can involve work with actors.

Performance Management

Employee engagement relies on clear expectations and appropriate feedback:

We prioritise skills over process in this highly practical workshop; focussing in particular on those more difficult performance conversations. Participants may work with actors.

Communication Skills

Understanding and employing the key requirements for effective communication:

Participants are equipped with the tools and skills required for rich, relationship building conversations.

Change Management

Recognising and managing change:

People often find change difficult. We guide participants through the processes of recognising and implementing change and how to deal sensitively but effectively with reactions/resistance to change.

Assertiveness Skills

Confidently achieving more win/wins:

We help participants recognise the barriers to assertiveness and provide techniques to enable a positive impact on difficult interactions. May involve work with actors.

Conflict Management Skills

Recognising conflict early and being able to control your behaviour effectively:

We explore how to manage difficult conversations honestly and constructively achieving a satisfactory outcome for all concerned. May involve work with actors.

Presentation Skills

Making a positive impact:

We examine the structure and style of presentations as well as more subtle components of presence, body language and use of the voice.  Participants are encouraged to find their own authentic presentation style that reflects the best version of them.

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