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About Development Centres

Development centres are very similar to assessment centres in that they typically consist of a series of activities that have been designed to stretch the participants, but at the same time give them the opportunity to demonstrate behaviours, which are important to the organisation.

They are designed to increase individual’s self-awareness, so that the individual can make choices about where they see their future and what areas they want to develop. Development Centres are likely to be longer than assessment centres and involve feedback and development activities either during or at the end of the centre. Ownership of the data usually rests with the individual rather than the organisation.

Benefits of using a Development Centre?

  • By receiving feedback and acting upon it, individual performance and therefore contribution to the organisation will improve.
  • Individuals understand what they need to do in order to be ready for promotion/advancement within the organisation.
  • Provides the opportunity to identify talent across an organisation.

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