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About Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development takes a holistic view of both the leader and the leadership challenge facing them.

Leadership Development aims to support managers to become leaders and encompasses learning of new skills and tools in order to display behaviours that will inspire others to follow. Leaders will gain an understanding of their own leadership style, the impact it has on others and practice in using alternative approaches.

Our programmes can be tailor made to the client’s need and situation and delivered in-house. They can be designed around the organisation’s competencies or values to achieve high relevance for the participants.

They can also be interwoven with enriching processes such as action learning or coaching.

Topics often included in a Leadership Development Programme are:

  • The nature of leadership
  • Making change happen
  • Solving problems
  • Employee engagement
  • Difficult conversations
  • Building relationships
  • Achieving results, including vision, mission, values

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