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Psychometric Assessment

About Psychometric Assessment

The term Psychometric Assessment is used to describe a wide variety of tests and questionnaires used to measure the personality, skills or abilities of an individual, ranging from:

Ability Tests, such as numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning.

Interest Inventories, which seek to measure the direction in which an individual wants their career to go. Particularly useful for career counselling.

Personality Questionnaires aimed at measuring individuals’ preferences¬†for ways of behaving, thinking and feeling.

Different tests are used depending on the factors important to the job role, and once completed, the individual’s test score is compared against those obtained by an appropriate reference group (norm) to give a meaningful evaluation.

Why Use Psychometrics?

  • Psychometrics provide accurate, reliable and valid information in a quick and focussed manner that inform selection and development decisions; thereby maximising the return on the investment made in these processes.
  • To support ongoing training and development activities, by offering a means of measuring the effectiveness of the training interventions.
  • To increase the individual’s awareness of their own preferences and behaviour, enabling improved performance through greater self awareness.

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