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Workshop Facilitation

About Facillitation

Facilitation is the process used to lead a team towards a pre-defined objective.  The facilitator brings knowledge and skill of how to structure meetings or away days, how to lead a group, how to free up people’s thinking, as well as different techniques for group problem solving.  An external facilitator allows all group members, including the leader of the group, to participate fully and to concentrate on the content of the discussion.  Facilitators can be used for a one off event like a team building or strategy day or over a period of time to ensure implementation.

Benefits of Facilitation

  • To ensure that a meeting/event stays on track, adheres to time schedules, decisions are reached and actions agreed on.
  • Sometimes it’s easier for an external facilitator to handle and solve conflict within the team.
  • Facilitators bring techniques, activities and tools to structure a day with varied activities that create more productive meetings/away days that balance engagement, fun, and achieving desired outcomes.

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